Ayurveda Conference Melbourne 2017

Ayurveda Conference Melbourne 2017

Recently in March 2017 we had the first ever scientific Ayurveda Conference in Melbourne, Australia where practitioners and interested parties could come together to share, learn and collaborate in the promotion of this ancient and traditional Indian medicine system.

The Conference was organised by two Australian-based Indian doctors, Dr Rama Prasad and Dr Mahesh Kalra who are both very well respected in the Ayurveda world, as well as being supported by a great team of local practitioners and suppliers of Ayurvedic products/medicines here in Australia.

It was wonderful to see that Ayurveda is growing in interest in the West, following in the steps of its sister science Yoga which has been extremely popular for a few decades now. Also it was very encouraging to see so many doctors and practitioners spreading the word through their own clinics, courses and workshops. Our minds were certainly kept stimulated during the weekend of talks and presentations, as well as having a strong sense of community that naturally comes when a group of likeminded folk come together for the greater good!

Soon no doubt Ayurveda will become a common word in the West, just like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become. Similarly, Ayurveda offers so much more when assessing, diagnosing and treating health problems as it looks at the root cause of the disease, not merely addressing the symptoms. If you are serious about sorting out your health once and for all, and are willing to commit to a path of healing that may take some time (not just take a ‘quick fix’ pill), then Ayurveda could be the way forward for you. I highly recommend you seek out a local Ayurvedic practitioner in your area for a consultation. If you would like some recommendations, please feel free to contact me and I can refer you to someone nearby.

Drs Prasad and Kalra will be running a second Ayurveda Conference in Sydney in April 2018 (see www.ayurvedaconference.com.au for more details). If you are interested in a more wholesome way of living in tune with nature and can get to Sydney next April, then I would strongly encourage you to attend as much of the Conference as you can. Rest assured you don’t have to be a health practitioner to be there and receive so many benefits!

Want to know a little bit more about Ayurveda? Read more on the link here to my About page on Ayurveda.

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